Technology Tip: Turn off the Distractions

Technology Tip: Turn off the Distractions

The distractions of technology. 

We were told the computer would make life easier. We were told smartphones would get us organized. We were told a tablet would simplify everything. 
But now? Now we have a so many devices at our fingertips that just the mere presence of them can be overwhelming! 
How do you stay focused? How do you keep on task with all the pop-ups, beeps, bops, dings, and rings?

Here are 7 tips to staying focused:


1. Put your phone on silent mode. 

There are several ways to do this, you can turn the volume all the way down, or you can adjust the settings to silent. The iPhone has a button on the side of the phone that you flip to turn the phone to silent mode.

2. Turn off notifications. 

Most computers, tablets, and smartphones have Pop-up notifications. Take a few minutes and turn them off while your working. That could be through a “do not disturb” setting or by going into the program and turning off notifications. If you’re nervous about turning off this could be a good alternate solution, you will still receive text messages and phone calls  

3. Turn on airplane mode on your phone or tablet. 

This turns off all data transfer on your device. Which means you won’t receive calls, texts, or Internet notifications from social applications. This can help you focus if you are writing or recording using your device. 

4. Turn off your phone. 

Yes turn it off. Completely off. If you have a big presentation to complete, a few hours with your phone off isn’t going to hurt. 


5. Put headphones in and listen to music. 

Sometimes having what I call “white noise” can really help you focus. Especially if you work in an environment where there are lots of other people around. When choosing music, pick something that isn’t too distracting, you want this to be a way to focus your thoughts. And with the white noise in the background you’re less likely to notice the pop-ups on your other devices. 

6. Block out time. 

Yes, go to your calendar and set a block of time for a particular project or task. During this time, you should only be working on that one thing. No surfing the Internet, no checking the phone, just that project. Set the phone to the side, turn off the wifi of you can, and focus. You will find that projects will get done faster.  

7. Take a walk. 

Now I know this isn’t a technical type of tip, but it’s really valuable. Sometimes the distractions can be too much, so stepping away and going for a walk can help clear your mind and give you a break.  
Electronic devices are great and really can be helpful, but they can also be a distraction. Hopefully at least one of these tips is something you can impliment immediately in your business. 
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